In 2007, Prime Taxi took a pioneering step by introducing an innovative fleet of environmentally friendly taxis. Unlike the conventional taxis prevalent at the time, which were mostly manually-driven and ran on diesel, our green taxis utilized natural gas for power. Being the newest player in the industry, Prime took an incredible leap to embark on a project like nothing of its kind.  

With nearly a million vehicles on our roads, vehicular emissions account for over a tenth of the city-state’s total emissions and is one of the key contributors to pollution. As such, in the race against climate change, transport companies hold a crucial key to sustainability. Prime’s vision has always been to embrace, encourage eco-friendly vehicles and foster a positive change against environmental degradation.

Prime Taxi started making foray in the taxi industry at a time when no other operator was considering cars beyond petrol or diesel. Yet, we saw an opportunity to make a difference. Majority of taxis operated on diesel engines which, have long been associated with significant greenhouse gas emissions and harmful particulates detrimental to human health. In comparison, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) which powered Prime’s taxis at the time, was one of the cleanest fuel types for a vehicle’s engine.

Defying convention and setting an example for an entire industry to follow, Prime Taxi launched its first fleet of 100 CNG taxis. CNG is a clean and economical fuel sourced directly from the earth, similar to crude oil extraction from wells. It is produced by compressing natural gas into a small area less than 1% of its volume at standard atmospheric pressure and then, stored onboard a vehicle in a compressed gaseous state. When it was first introduced by Prime, they proved to be superior in terms of mileage, were cheaper to refuel and more importantly, the emissions of a CNG taxi were far less than traditional fuels like petrol and diesel.

 With concerns about the limited supply of crude oil and increasing demand for energy, the adoption of CNG presented a viable solution for the automotive industry. Studies by various academics consistently demonstrated that CNG had a remarkable positive impact on air quality.

Over the years, Prime has continued to evolve, transforming its fleet to encompass an all-hybrid lineup. This transition not only improved the overall comfort and safety of our vehicles but also continues to offer greater fuel efficiency and reduce pollution.

Being a public transport service provider, it is within our core principals to make a conscious effort towards managing our carbon footprint to help build a more sustainable future for coming generations. Looking back at our pioneering journey, we take pride in being the catalysts for change and with each ride provided, we hope that drivers and passengers alike become, advocates of a world powered by innovation, not pollution.