Standard Taxi Booking

For standard taxi bookings, please contact our booking hotline at (65) 6778 0808 for more details.

Corporate/Limousine Booking

For corporate-related or limousine bookings, please contact our team at (65) 8660 2843 or drop us an email.


Prime Taxi values your feedback. Please ensure that all required fields (*) are completed. Inaccurate information will be rendered invalid.

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Seating Capacity

Four-Seater Configurations

4 adults
3 adults + 2 children
2 adults + 3 children
1 adult + 4 children
5 children

Seven-Seater Configurations

6 adults
5 adults + 1 child
4 adults + 2 children
3 adults + 4 children
2 adults + 5 children
1 adult + 6 children
7 children

Note: Infants carried in arms are not considered in passenger count. 3 children below 12 y/o (and who are not infants) are counted as 2 children.

Lost & Found

In the unfortunate event that you have accidentally misplaced your belongings during a trip, Prime Taxi will do our best to assist you in recovering your lost items.

Please contact us at (65) 8182 9284 for Lost & Found assistance, and kindly provide the following information:

  • Contact details
  • Date & time of trip
  • Taxi vehicle number
  • Colour of taxi
  • Pick-up and destination addresses
  • Description of the misplaced item
  • Other useful information (if any)

You may also file your Lost Report through the online form here. 👈

Once the item has been located, you may visit our office (5 Benoi Place, Singapore 629926) during office hours to retrieve your item. Alternatively, you may request for our taxi driver to deliver the item, but please be reminded that the metered fare will be applicable.

In accordance to Land Transport Authority’s guidelines, all recovered items will only be kept for 3 months. Should the items be unclaimed, they will be donated to the Salvation Army or Red Cross.

Receipt Request

In the event that you may require replacement taxi receipts, Prime Taxi will separately provide the official receipts for your usage.

Please call our call centre at (65) 6778 0808, and providing the following information:

  • Contact details
  • Date & time of the trip
  • Taxi vehicle number
  • Colour of taxi
  • Pick-up address
  • Taxi fare amount
  • Other relevant information (if any)

For corporate entities, please be advised that Prime Taxi has separate receipts for different forms of payment. Please refer to the images here for examples.

Please also note that service fees will apply on cashless payment, and will not be reflected on their respective receipts.

  • NETS – $0.30 fee NETS on top of taximeter fare
  • Credit Cards – 10.8% on taxi meter fare. The service fee is broken down to 10% admin fee, and 8% GST applied on the admin fee.

Customer Charter

For a pleasant ride on board our taxis, please kindly observe the following:


  • Do advise our driver of any preferred route to your destination upon boarding the taxi,
  • Secure your pets in your hand carry or cage,
  • Do inform our driver in advance if you only have big notes (e.g. $50, $100 bill) with you, so that the driver can arrange to get smaller change along the journey,
  • Do ask for other modes of payment (e.g. credit card – please note that an administrative charge is application for credit card payments) or ask our driver to send you to a convenient cash withdrawal machine should you anticipate payment issues before arrival at your destination.
  • Do take care of your personal belongings.
  • Do behave in an appropriate manner when on board our taxis.
  • Do not consume food, litter, smoke, or vandalize our taxi. Please help to keep the car clean for the next passenger.
  • Refrain from arguing or confronting our driver – engage the appropriate authorities if/when necessary.
  • Do not demand our driver to manoeuvre any luggage as it may cause injury to them or others, are are they expected to carry luggage beyond the reasonable capacity of the storage facilities of the vehicle.
  • Do pay the correct fare in full, including booking fees or any other related charges.
  • Do check your change if you had paid your taxi fare with a bigger denomination.
  • Do ask for a printed receipt at the end of your trip.
  • Do inform our Customer Service centre at (65) 6778 0808 in advance should you need to cancel a booking, so as to prevent our driver from making a wasted trip.
  • Do collect your located items from our office upon notification. Should you require our driver to return the item to your preferred location at your convenience, be prepared to pay for the taxi fare.
  • Do contact our Customer Service Centre at (65) 6778 0808 for any other assistance.